Robbie appears on Newsnight, demands nationalisation of Woolworths

December 18th, 2008

Robbie appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight and was the only one standing up for low paid shopworkers and putting an alternative to cuts and closures.

She demanded nationalisation of Woolworths.

You can watch at:

Robbie put out the following press statement:

Why are mainly female partime shopworkers still treated as if they are only earning pin money by Labour and Trade union bosses?

Woolworth workers deserve better than empty promises from Gordon Brown, after all our union, Usdaw, subsidises New Labour to the tune of £10’s of £1,000’s.

Where are the calls for the nationalisation of Woolworths from Usdaw’s General secretary in defence of our members jobs?

Statutory redundancy payments of a measly few hundred pounds will be paid to some 27,000 woolworth workers staff when the stores begin closing in the next few weeks yet banks are nationalised and the bonuses keep coming.

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