Press release: Opposition to Brown spreads to moderate shop workers union Usdaw

July 27th, 2008

Following on from the Glasgow East By-election debacle growing disillusionment with the Pro-Brown, new Labour, General Secretary of Usdaw is fuelling a bitter David & Goliath election for the position of general secretary between incumbent General Secretary John Hannett and Robina (Robbie) Segal, wages clerk from Tesco store in Folkestone.
Robbie said

“Usdaw represents the working poor but is silent on a living wage for our members.

Whilst the bosses rip off our members and pay us poverty pay our General Secretary takes £100,000 in pay and benefits and a jaguar car. This cannot be right.

“We need an £8 an hour minimum wage now but our union leadership and management imposed a variety of partnership agreements on us undermining Usdaw’s ability to fight for a living wage.

“We need a change in leadership of our union but democracy is a word that we dare not mention in Usdaw! John Hannett has even ordered Usdaw employees not to look at my website.


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